Benefits of Rough Terrain Cranes

  • Excellent off-road capabilities.
  • Greater maneuverability and control due to tight turning radius and larger tires.
  • Lower center of gravity.
  • Ability to move while lifting a load (pick and carry).
  • All-wheel drive steering and multiple-wheel steering modes depending on model.
  • Impressive lift power for its compact size.


Available Attachments for Rough Terrain Cranes

  • Various jibs
  • Telescopic boom
  • Outriggers
  • Counterweights carried on the crane



Rough Terrain Crane Specifications and Capabilities

  • Max Capacities: From 15 to 165 US tons
  • Max Boom Length: Ranging from 60’ to 205’
  • Jib Lengths: Ranging from 10’ to 109’
  • Transportability: Must be transported by trailer, not road legal
  • Offroad Capabilities: Yes
  • Pick and Carry: Possible, can pick and carry moderate loads
  • Outriggers: Yes

Available All-Terrain Crane Brands


Rough Terrain Crane Industries

Rough terrain cranes are commonly used in a variety of businesses due to their excellent off-roading capabilities and maneuverability. These qualities make rough terrain cranes a natural fit for the following industries.