Benefits of Lattice Crawler Cranes

  • Lift capacities are typically quite high.
  • Additional attachments can further increase load capacity.
  • Able to pick and carry.
  • Requires little setup between lifts after initial crane is assembled on site.
  • Ability to work offroad and on difficult terrain.


Available Components and Attachments for Lattice Crawler Cranes

  • Luffing jibs
  • Heavy duty lattice boom
  • Variable Positioning Counterweight (VPC) on some models
  • Ballast trays or wagons on some models
  • Derricks/back masts on some models



Lattice Crawler Crane Performance Specs and Capabilities

  • Max Capacities: From 80 to 1,200 US tons
  • Max Boom Length: Ranging from 40’ min to 492’ max
  • Jib Lengths: Ranging from 30’ min to 371 luffing jib’ max
  • Transportability: Transported on trailers and assembled on site
  • Offroad Capabilities: Yes
  • Pick and Carry: Yes
  • Outriggers: Not present (all-purpose tracks)

Available Hydraulic Crawler Crane Brands

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Lattice Crawler Crane Industries

Thanks to their combination of heavy-duty load capacity, mobility, and terrain flexibility, lattice crawler cranes are used on a wide variety of job sites. ALL Crane regularly sells and rents lattice crawlers to the following industries.