Link-Belt TCC-550

Benefits of Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

  • Easily adjustable reach compared to other types of booms.
  • Can pick-and-carry with 360-degree working range.
  • Sometimes used in place of rough terrain cranes due to excellent off-road and pick-and-carry capabilities.
  • Have outriggers for added stability.
  • No outriggers required, making them more versatile when crane is relocated.


Available Components and Attachments for Hydraulic Crawler Cranes

  • Jibs
    • Folding/swing-away jib
  • Telescopic boom



Hydraulic Crawler Crane Performance Specs and Capabilities

  • Max Capacities: From 50 to 250 US tons
  • Max Boom Length: Ranging from 35’ min to 223’ max
  • Jib Lengths: Ranging from 10’ min to 67’ max
  • Transportability: Transported on trailers with 1-7 overflow loads depending on model
  • Offroad Capabilities: Yes
  • Pick and Carry: Yes
  • Outriggers: Not present (all-purpose tracks)

Available Hydraulic Crawler Crane Brands


Hydraulic Crawler Crane Industries

The combination of excellent off-roading, heavy loads, and extendable boom makes hydraulic crawler cranes a regular sight on jobsites around the country. Common industries for telecrawlers include: