Link-Belt TCC-1400

Equipment Details

Make: Link-Belt
Model: TCC-1400
Year: 2021
Capacity: 140 USt
Boom Length: 42 ft. - 195 ft.
Jib Length: 10 ft. - 55 ft.
Status: New
Price: POR

Seller Notes

  • NEW Fly pinning designed for limited ladder use and ELIMINATES hammering pins
  • Lightweight nylon head sheaves reduce overall machine weight and increase lift capacities
  • Quick reeve boom head with quick reeve block allows rope to be easily reeved over boom head
  • Hammerhead boom nose allows operator to work at high boom angles
  • Greaseless wear pads
  • Optional auxiliary sheave off main boom
  • Pick-and-carry the whole chart
  • List chart selections in LMI
  • Transports complete in FOUR or FIVE LOADS
  • Main unit transports 93,600 lbs (42 456 kg) with sideframes removed
  • Three to four overflow loads under 44,500 lbs (20 185 kg)
  • Four wide-spread hydraulic jacks for easy sideframe assembly/disassembly
  • 2 mph (3.2 kph) high speed travel
  • Fold-up catwalks


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