Published May 6, 2016
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Cherry on top. Icing on the cake. When something good is given finishing touches that make it great, we have some pretty sweet expressions to help make the point clear.

Similarly, when construction of the new Alcoa High School in Alcoa (TN) was completed last summer—the end of a three-year project—the building received its crown jewel, a 40,000-pound aluminum dome. And at 40 feet tall and 60 feet in diameter, this would be a magnificent masterstroke. ALL Crane Rental of Tennessee, a member of the ALL Family, provided the crane to lift and set the dome, its cap, and its spire; all three were manufactured by Campbellsville Industries.

The dome was to be placed atop a steel cage platform on the roof to maximize visibility, and the spire would be the finishing touch. Utilizing 3D Lift Plan technology to visualize and plan the erection of the dome as well as the positioning of the crane on the site, ALL was then able to recommend the ideal equipment, a 210-ton Link-Belt ATC-3210 all-terrain crane to perform the single-day picks.

ALL prepared the ground on the road in front of the school with steel pads and plywood to help prevent damage to the concrete from the heavy weight of the crane and its load. “This machine was the perfect fit for the job,” said Mike Bartholomew, sales representative for ALL. “It had to be strong enough to handle the load at the necessary 120-foot radius, but not so heavy that it would damage the road.”

The dome, delivered in four 6-foot sections, was assembled on site at the school. On lift day, the dome was carefully lifted, moved into place, and set. Once the dome was set, the crane lifted and placed its 1,500-pound cap. Then came the “feather in the cap”—the 30-pound spire. Steve Mark, Alcoa Board of Education chairman, and Rodney Whitlow from Campbellsville Industries placed the spire together. A crowd of nearly 100 people gathered to see the crane at work.

The dome now sits approximately 60 feet from the ground atop the school and is visible from nearby roads. “It’s a great addition not only to Alcoa, but the entire community,” said City Manager Mark Johnson. “The job went without a hitch, and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to help out,” said Bartholomew.

This article was originally published in ALL's Lift Line magazine, Spring/Summer 2016 issue.