Our Shops 

We maintain and staff our own service departments for all of the equipment we rent and sell, including our own engine shop with trained mechanics, hydraulic department, paint shop, weld shop, and fabrication shop.  

ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corporation operates a mandatory, rigorous training program that empowers our technicians by grounding them in the most current equipment servicing techniques and the latest OSHA standards. We offer perhaps the largest fleet of lift equipment and cranes in the country, and ALL’s professional service department inspects each piece of equipment before it goes out on a job to make sure it is in top condition and meets all OSHA standards.  

Crane in front of hospital

Our Service

The first order of the day, every day, is customer service. Service means being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist customers, from jobsite analysis to transporting cranes to operating and maintaining equipment on the job. Service means meeting customer schedules and correcting any problems as quickly as possible to help avoid downtime. It also means providing in-field technical support to make sure the right equipment is on the job, performing properly.

And ALL’s 24-hour service ensures that any downtime will be minimal and that contactors will not be burdened with extra maintenance on equipment.

Crane in front of hospital
ALL Crane collaborates on condo build in tight quarters


Jan 25, 2019

Cleveland’s Little Italy is a close-knit, historic community. When a 75-ton capacity crane arrives on the scene—and starts winding through tight alleyways—people take notice.