Published May 6, 2016

The Exceptional Landoll Trailer Dealer Equipment Profile

Landoll Trailer

Dealer Equipment Profile
The Landoll Corporation is a provider of high-quality, innovative trailers, farm equipment, forklifts, and OEM/GOV equipment. And over 50 years, the company has earned a reputation for balancing quality and value, by offering top-line products at competitive prices.

ALT Sales, a division of the ALL Family, is proud to be an authorized Landoll dealer, selling a complete line from 5 to 60 tons. “This is a brand we trust,” said Josh Bacci, general manager of ALT. “These trailers are made in the USA at their headquarters location in Kansas.”

Not only is ALT a dealer of new Landoll units, the ALL Family is a heavy buyer as well. ALL is a turnkey operation that includes transport services and, as such, maintains a fleet of trailers that includes 85 Landoll carriers.

Popular among these are several two-traveling axle trailers — the 25-ton 425C and the 40-ton 440A trailers. Don Landoll, the company’s owner and founder, designed and patented the first traveling axle trailer.

Also in particular demand at ALL is the 35-ton 930C, a traveling tail trailer. “These particular types of trailers most often fit our customers’ needs,” said Bacci of the trifecta of trailers. “They can easily transport man lifts and forklifts, and can transport many varieties of cranes as well. They’re great for our customers who are paving contractors, tow truck companies, machinery movers, construction companies, and in other similar lines of work.”

Innovative design goes into every aspect of a Landoll trailer, from heat-controlled tires, which help maintain consistent tire temperature and allow for better overall tire wear, to a torsion-resistant subbase to help control twisting. Trailers like the 425 offer a decreased load angle and wider main beams, adding to the trailer’s stability. They also have a wider undercarriage, wider tilt cylinder mounts, and a wider outer beam pivot point.

Traveling tail trailers like the 930C feature a longer wheelbase to allow for stable loading and proper weight distribution between the tractor and trailer, with a fully supported tail.

Landoll stands behind their products, and not just with a standard warranty. Some systems can carry special warranties, like their Ultra Blue Seal wire harness, which has a 7-year warranty, and the Super Nova LED lights, which have a 10-year warranty.

In addition to providing trailers directly from Landoll, ALT has a team of experienced, well-trained staff who can further customize trailers to fit a customer’s specific need.

ALT is the only licensed dealer for Landoll trailers in Northeast Ohio, though they can and do sell from any of ALL’s 38 branches in North America. The experience and knowledge ALT brings to the table enables them to work with customers to ensure they are getting the right trailer for their needs and typical usage.

ALT also is an authorized service shop for all Landoll equipment, offering comprehensive maintenance and repair services for the new and used trailers they sell. The trailers are so popular with customers that every ALL location has at least one on hand.

 “They’re really more conducive to loading and unloading equipment. Put simply, Landoll offers quality products at an excellent value. I’m honored to represent their brand,” said Bacci.

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This article was originally published in ALL's Lift Line magazine, Spring/Summer 2016 issue.