Published Jun 10, 2015

Beyond the Hard Hat More Jobs in the Construction Industry

When people think of the construction industry, they generally think of hard hats, illuminated vests and work boots — maybe flaggers on the highway or folks who operate heavy machinery.

A lot more goes on behind the scenes than you might imagine upon first glance. 
The folks at the ALL Family of Companies know that their reputation for excellence rests largely on the strength of the employee base — all employees, not just those out working on a job in the field. At ALL, the employees working behind the scenes comprise nearly 20% of the total workforce. 
“There are a lot of opportunities at a company like ours,” said Katie Spahnie, corporate human resources manager at ALL. “Not everyone is going to work on cranes or handle engine parts. But every single person here helps to ensure our business runs smoothly and is an important contributor to the company’s overall success.” 
Some of the typical departments where you don’t necessarily need to don a hard hat at the start of your workday may include:
  • Accounting/Finance — From accounts payable to forecasting budgets, ALL’s profitability depends on those in the finance department to monitor and track the numbers. 
  • Legal — From in-house counsel to contract negotiations specialists, the legal department makes sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed. 
  • Marketing — Marketing people are the external stewards of the company’s brand. The company’s “face” is maintained through quality content in marketing materials such as press releases, brochures and social media content.
  • Sales — The sales department is the bread and butter of ALL’s crane rental (and retail) business. They meet with general contractors, visit job sites, create detailed job quotes, and maintain important customer relationships. 
  • Administrative — Administrative assistants are a vital part of any department and help keep busy professionals organized while maintaining a complicated workflow. 
  • Information Technology — Computers touch every part of the ALL business — from answering emails to using the electronic recordkeeping system tracking cranes to managing inventory. From programmers to Help Desk, IT is critical to business.
  • Safety Professionals — While many businesses employ people in the above departments, safety professionals are unique to the construction industry, and they are an incredibly important part of the company’s work and its reputation for on-the-job safety. Safety coordinators are resident in several ALL locations. There are hundreds of opportunities for dedicated and hardworking employees at a company like ALL that don’t require lifting tons of steel every day, and they are an integral part of the business.
“Having the right people in the right places is what helps us move forward as a company and continue to thrive,” said Spahnie.
“I think younger people aren’t told that opportunities like these exist any longer,” said Biff Kossman, service department manager.
If you are hard working, dedicated and looking for the right opportunity where you can make an impact at a company that is literally changing the country’s landscape, the construction industry may deserve a closer look.
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