Madea mini crawler crane.

Benefits of Mini Crawler Cranes

  • Can operate in tight spaces that other cranes cannot access.
  • Can fit through single or double doors.
  • Can fit on some elevators.
  • Take up less space than other cranes.
  • Can operate on uneven ground.

Available Attachments for Mini Crawler Cranes

  • Various jibs for some models
  • Telescopic booms
  • Variable outriggers on many models
  • Adjustable counterweights on many models
  • Remote control
  • Electric motor
  • Vacuum glass handler


Mini Crawler Crane Specifications and Capabilities

  • Max Capacities: From 3.1 to 4.24 US tons
  • Max Boom Length: Ranging from 18.1’ to 63’
  • Jib Lengths: n/a
  • Transportability: Fits onto small flatbeds
  • Offroad Capabilities: Varies
  • Pick and Carry: Yes
  • Outriggers: Yes (optional for some models)

Available Mini Crawler Crane Brands


Mini Crawler Crane Industries

Space constraints are a common problem for a variety of job sites. The combination of size and mobility make mini crawler cranes a great fit for the following industries.