Potain MD 569

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The Potain MD 569 is available from the ALL Family of companies.Learn more about the MD 569 below, or contact your local branch to find one available for rent near you.


MD 569
27.60 USt
Tower Cranes
Equipment Type:
Hammer Head Tower Cranes
Hook Height:
Yellow Potain MD 569 Tower Crane

Potain MD 569

ALL's Potain MD 569 offers a 360-degree rotating main boom of 209', a jib of 262', and a lift capacity of 27.6 USt or 55,200 lbs, making it one of the most powerful cranes of its class. As a tower crane, the MD 569 has a very low footprint on the jobsite but can cover large areas, making it ideal for longer term construction projects of high-rise buildings and other tall structures. This crane also features Manitowoc's Crane Control System (CCS)., which offers a user-friendly interfce and controls for the operator.