Frequently Asked Questions

Rental Related Questions

Q. What information do I need to start the process of renting a crane?
A. First, contact the ALL Crane location closest to the jobsite. A sales representative will call or meet you at the jobsite depending on the circumstances to discuss your needs. Each job is unique so there is not a standard answer to this question, however, generally speaking you will need to provide details regarding the job layout, load dimensions, load weight, job site restrictions, and whether you are interested in a bare or operated rental. Based on this initial information, our sales representative will assist you in gathering any further information needed to make a recommendation on your crane needs.

Q. What is the difference between a Bare Rental v. Operated & Maintained Rental?
A. Simply put, when you enter into a bare rental agreement, you are operating, insuring, inspecting, and maintaining equipment we own. Conversely, in an OM agreement, we provide the crane operator with the equipment and perform all required inspections, maintenance and repairs.

Q. What do I need for a bare rental?
A. We will send our new customer welcome package to you, which includes the rental agreement, a credit application, and a summary of our insurance requirements. You will need to return the credit application, signed rental agreement, and compliant certificate of insurance before our equipment is delivered to the jobsite. Any of our staff in our contract, credit, and sales departments are available to answer any questions you have regarding this process..

Q. Can you help me with any permits I might need?
A. ALL Crane procures transportation permits to deliver/remove our equipment to and from the project site. You as the customer are responsible to procure all other permits (e.g. road closures, FAA permits, etc.) unless another entity on the jobsite has assumed this responsibility.

Q. How do I know what kind of crane I’ll need?
A. This is dictated solely by the lift details and parameters provided by you. Oftentimes we will request to do a site visit to assist in determining the correct piece of equipment for the situation. We will also provide you with a copy of the manufacturer’s load charts to assist in the decision.

Q. How far in advance should I schedule my rental?
A. The more time we have to plan a job and our crane schedule the better it will be for our customers. Depending on the type of crane, we may need to obtain permits for delivery, schedule an erection crew to assemble the crane, and for certain cranes reserve them in advance due to high utilization. Therefore, once you finalize your equipment needs for your project, we advise you to contact your sales representative as soon as possible. A crane is reserved for you as soon as you return a signed rental agreement. But if it is last minute, do not hesitate to contact us. We understand emergencies or unforeseen needs arise frequently and you can be sure that we have the experience to get you the equipment needed on short notice if it is available in our fleet.

Q. What do you charge for transporting the equipment?
A. Freight rates vary depending on:

  1. What type of equipment you need and the required configuration (Aerial, Boom Truck, Tower, Crawler Crane, etc.).
  2. Which ALL Crane yard the crane is located in.
  3. Where the project site is located.
  4. The amount of counterweights provided.

Once this information is discussed, the ALL Crane sales representative will be able to provide a firm lump-sum freight in and out charge.

Q. What kind of jobsite services do you offer when I rent equipment?
A. ALL offers many services including operated crane rentals, trucking services, 3D lift planning, limited rigging at some ALL Crane locations, and some engineering services (tower crane and lift design). We also provide technical support, maintenance services, and fueling services upon request.

Q. What geographic area does the ALL Family of Companies cover?
A. The ALL Family of Companies can cover your crane needs anywhere in the United States and parts of Canada. We have 31 locations, and the one nearest your jobsite will take care of you.

Q. If my company already rents from another ALL Crane Company, do I have to sign another rental agreement?
A. No, if a Customer signs our form of Blanket or Master Rental Agreement, it includes every ALL Crane affiliate and therefore governs bare or operated rentals (as applicable) from any ALL Crane Company in the US and Canada. The ALL Crane Companies also share blanket certificates of insurance provided by Customers to accommodate customers who rent from more than one ALL Crane location.

Sales Related Questions

Q. How can I schedule an inspection of the crane I am interested in buying?
A. Contact your dedicated ALL Sales Representative or, if you don’t have one yet, contact the location at which the crane is listed. If possible, please have the unit number ready to refer to.

Q. Can you show me the service history of the crane I’m interested in?
A. Yes, service records are available for all of our cranes. Ask your dedicated sales representative for assistance.

Q. How can the crane I purchase be delivered to me? Do I pay for transport?
A. While preparing our quote, we will ask for the delivery address and will provide the delivery charges to your location. You can also arrange for your own transportation if you choose to do so.

Q. What are my financing options?
A. You are welcome to arrange your own financing. However, we do offer a Lease/Rental Purchase Option. We will also help you find a lender as explained in more detail here. These options will vary upon the equipment being purchased, and your sales representative will help you determine the best option for you.

Q. Can I trade some of my old equipment in?
A. In some cases, yes. Talk to your sales representative to discuss trade in options.

Q. Is there a warranty on used equipment?
A. Our used equipment is sold as-is.

Service/Parts Related Questions

Q. What kind of equipment do your branches service?
A. We have complete service facilities and fabrication shops for servicing and maintaining our entire fleet. We are authorized OEM Sales, Service, and Parts vendors for many of the most popular cranes and access equipment.

Q. How do I schedule service for my equipment?
A. Not all of our branches service customer equipment. Please contact your local branch service manager who can provide more information regarding whether we can service your equipment, and assist you with the scheduling of your service when applicable.

Q. What kind of crane and equipment parts do you sell?
A. We have a wide range selection of used booms and jibs, used/new/rebuilt engines, cab shells, pumps, drums, sheaves and more. We also have aftermarket and OEM parts for some equipment. Visit to browse our selection.

Q. What are my options if I can’t find the part on your website?
A. Contact our corporate parts department directly at 216-524-6559.

Q. If I purchase an engine or larger crane part, how do I take delivery of it?
A. The ALL Family of Companies can deliver it at an additional cost, or you can schedule a third party to pick it up and deliver it directly to where you need.

Please contact your local branch, sales rep, or use our Live Chat here on the website if you have any questions not addressed here.