Photo Gallery

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I-90 George V. Voinovich "Innerbelt" Bridge, Cleveland, OH

The construction of the George V. Voinovich bridge is a massive, multiyear project in downtown Cleveland, replacing the old Innerbelt bridge to reduce traffic congestion. Two of ALL's tough all-terrain cranes, a 250-ton GMK6250L and a 300-ton LTM 1250-6.1, lifted 150,000-lb beams for the overpass. 

Cuyahoga River Lift Bridge (Iron Curtain), Cleveland, OH

When this Cold War-era vertical lift railroad bridge over the Cuyahoga River was in need of replacement, ALL was brought in to remove the old bull gear -- a toothed gear that enables slow crawling with massive torque, thus raising and lowering the bridge. ALL provided its powerful Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 with 87 feet of main boom and a 161-foot lattice jib, great for heavy lifts at a short radius. ALL's Grove GMK5120 was the assit crane, and a Dresser RT, equipped with a "high rail" package, traversed the bridge using trakcs. 

North Dearborn Office Tower, Chicago, IL

Downtown Chicago has hosted many large-scale projects for Central Contractor's Service (Illinois members of the ALL Family.) For the construction of the 54-story North Dearborn Office Tower on the banks of the Chicago River, Central supplied a 660-USt Manitowoc 888 ringer crawler crane. The ringer, a 45-foot diameter attachment mounted to the basic crane, distributes the load across a larger area, increasing lifting capacity. For this job, the 88 ringer was built on a barge and then floated downriver to the job site. There, it worked on erecting the precast and steel components that formed the base of the office tower.