Maeda Mini Cranes

Maeda Mini Crane


The ALL Family of Companies is the largest privately owned crane rental and sales enterprises in North America, with one of the world’s largest and most modern fleets. We’re proud to have Maeda Mini Cranes as part of that fleet.


These versatile tools are ideal for lifting in unconventional and difficult situations. They are as small as 30 inches wide —narrow enough to fit through most door frames — but strong enough to get the job done in a tight spot.


With lift heights ranging from 31 feet to 67 feet, mini cranes are in demand for installation of curtain walls, architectural glass, and plant equipment, as well as in the construction and maintenance of factories across the globe.


Get your own Maeda Mini Crane from ALL, available for rental, purchase, and RPO.


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Maeda Features and Accessories

electric motor

Man basket


Each Maeda Mini Crane has optional accessories and features that make it versatile in different situations. The optional electric motor allow it to work indoors without the emissions and noise of a fuel-burning engine. A 300 lb. capacity man basket can be used in place of an aerial in tight spots where only a Maeda Mini Crane can fit. A remote control allows lifting from a distance. The vacuum glass manipulator can hold 1,320 lbs. and can set glass under overhangs and obstructions, or at angles with the swivel and tilt feature. Accessories and features differ between models, take a look at the specific models or talk to a sales rep to learn more today.


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