Manitowoc MLC300 - 330 UST

Make Model Capacity
Manitowoc MLC300 330 USt

Manitowoc MLC300:, 98'-315' main boom, 39'-98' jib.


Welcome the future of crawler cranes: the new 330-USt Manitowoc MLC300 crawler crane. The latest offering from Manitowoc and making its debut at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in 2014, the MLC300 features the exclusive Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) system. In the VPC system, the counterweight is centered between the fully retracted and fully extended positions, automatically balancing the crane’s center of gravity. A patented rail system transfers the counterweight from back to front, depending on the boom extension. Because the counterweight is movable as needed, VPC helps reduce the crane’s operating footprint, which in turn helps reduce the ground-bearing pressure and the amount of ground preparation required for crane operations. This means less matting to distribute the weight across a broader footprint. The VPC technology also eliminates the need for carbody counterweights. The weight typically added to the carbody can now be added to the upperworks to increase capacity while retaining performance and on-site mobility.