Manitowoc 21000

Make Model Capacity
Manitowoc 21000 1000 USt

Manitowoc 21000:, 400' main boom, 120'-240' jib.


There's nothing else like the Model 21000. It is simply the world’s most easily mobilized 1000 (907 mt) crane. Modular design and patented FACT and H-FACT connectors enable the 21000 to be set up efficiently. Its exclusive OCTA-TRAC eight-crawler system allows swing and travel with full load, and minimizes ground-bearing pressure.

The ALL Advantage
Crawlers provide pick-and-carry capabilities, heavy-duty lifting, and long-term economic advantages—a nice balance between capability, capacity, and cost. Incidentally, this is a lot like ALL. The depth of our entire fleet, not just our crawler crane fleet, ensures we can recommend the absolute right crane for the job. Unlike companies with specialty fleets, we don’t just push a single brand or type of crane. We get you the right crane because we’re the crane experts.