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Manufacturer Model Unit # Load Chart Download
JLG G10-55A
JLG G12-55A
JLG G9-43A
JLG G9-43A
Lull 1044C-54
Lull 1044C-54
Sky Trak 10054
Sky Trak 10054
Gradall 534D9-45
Sky Trak 6036
Sky Trak 6036
JLG G6-42A
Sky Trak 8042
Sky Trak 8042
Lull 844C-42
Lull 844C-42
Lull 944E-42
Genie GTH-1056
Skyjack SJ1056 TH
Skyjack SJ1056 TH
Skyjack SJ843 TH
Skyjack SJ843 TH
Skyjack SJ1256 THS
Skyjack SJ1256 THS
Genie GTH-5519
Terex TX5519
Gradall 534D9-45 336ORL
Gradall 534D9-45 361ORL
Lull 1044C-54 7570
Lull 844C-42 8197
Lull 844C-42 8624
Lull 944E-42 9662
Lull 944E-42 9663
Gradall 534D9-45 D758
Gradall 534D9-45 D758MLW
Gradall 534D10-45 D760
Gradall 534D10-45 D767
Gradall 524D-3S D789
JLG G6-42A DL3025
JLG G6-42A DL3026
JLG G6-42A DL3027
JLG G6-42A DL3032
Gradall 534D9-45 DL3069
JLG G6-42A DL3075
Gradall 534D9-45 DL3092
Gradall 534D9-45 DL3093
JLG G12-55A DL3110
Gradall 524D-3S DL794
Gradall 534D6T-42 DL797
Gradall 534D6T-42 DL798
Gradall 534D9-45 DL813
JLG G9-43A DL862
Lull 844C-42 J9094TOL
Gradall G6-42P J9544TOL