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Manufacturer Model Unit # Load Chart Download
Shuttlelift 3330ELB
Shuttlelift 5540F
Shuttlelift 5540F
Broderson IC-80-3E
Shuttlelift CD7725
Shuttlelift CD7725
Broderson 10000
Shuttlelift 3330FL
Broderson IC-200-3F
Broderson IC-80-3G
Broderson IC-80-3J
Shuttlelift 7750
Shuttlelift 3339
Broderson IC-200-2C
Broderson IC-80-2D
Broderson IC-200-2B
Broderson IC-200-3G
Broderson IC-80-3F
Broderson IC-35-2B
Shuttlelift 7755
Broderson IC-200-3D
Shuttlelift SCD25
Shuttlelift SCD09
Shuttlelift SCD20
Shuttlelift SCD15
Shuttlelift 5540 130CHI
Shuttlelift 7750 7558
Broderson IC-200-2B 8567
Broderson IC-200 8572
Broderson IC-35-2B 9118
Broderson IC-200-3F 9556
Shuttlelift 3330F J6544TOL
Shuttlelift 3330 J6544TOL
Shuttlelift 3330 J6544TOL