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ALL Adds 5 New Cranes to Expand North American Fleet

December 9, 2015

The ALL Family of Companies announced it has closed the deal on four (4) Link-Belt rough-terrain cranes and one (1) Grove all-terrain crane, growing its fleet to meet customer demand in several geographic markets.

The Link-Belt RTs, in a range of lifting capacities, will go to ALL branches in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The Grove AT will become part of the fleet housed in North Carolina. 

The four Link-Belt RT cranes include:
  • one 65-USt RTC-8065 telescopic boom truck crane, going to ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania; 
  • one 110-USt telescopic boom RTC-80110 for ALL Crane Rental of Tennessee; 
  • one 130-USt RTC-80130 Series II, and one 150-USt RTC-80150 Series II, both going to Wisconsin to support the four Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental branches.
The 550- USt Grove GMK7550 is slated to serve North Carolina’s two ALL Carolina branches in Raleigh and Wilmington. 

A standout part of this purchase is Link-Belt’s trio of “large RTs” — the RTC Series II 80110, 80130,and 80150 — a formidable group of versatile six-wheeled machines offering excellent job site maneuverability and ultimate performance. Combine that with the most modern cab comforts, safety features, and a telematics system for real-time data logging and monitoring, and, according to Michael L. Liptak, president of the ALL Family of Companies, you have the ideal RTs for long-term lifting projects and for moving around rugged job sites. 

“We chose these particular cranes to afford comfort, enhanced safety, and technological advantages to contractors renting for long-term projects in critical and growing sectors like road and bridge construction, plant retrofit, and commercial construction,”he said. 

By the same token, these large RTs perform well as utility cranes and assist cranes on major long-term projects, another burgeoning business sector. “In fact, they can be used as more than utility cranes, providing actual major lift capacity plus all the mobility that RTs need to have,” Liptak added. 

The five-crane purchase is part of ALL’s regular commitment to maintaining the industry’s broadest and most modern fleet. “This package was part of our annual ‘growing of the fleet,’” Liptak said. “We review and update our equipment every year at this time to make sure we have the lift equipment our customers need and can deliver it when and where they need it.”

All five cranes will be delivered by the end of this year, work-ready to serve customers for 2016.

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